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CRM & Project Management Software

Manage Customers , Leads, Projects , Tasks, Create Invoices, Estimates, Proposals and many more.

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Software that helps you work smarter, faster and let's you work more collaboratively


Manage projects, create milestones, tasks and upload files, add notes. Track expenses and time spent on each task and bill your customers. Give your customers the access to view the project's progress or create tasks

Tasks & Timesheet

Create tasks and assign to your team members. Post comments, upload attachments, mention any team members in your comment (and they will be notified). Log times spent on task and optionally bill your customer. See kanban board view of all the tasks and easily drag and drop tasks between statuses


Create milestones for projects and see automatically generated Gantt Chart. Easily drag and drop tasks between milestones.


Build highly targeted contact lists and manage them in one place. Create custom statuses and sources for your leads and organize them accordingly. Create smart summary of information to help you build a conversation. Record information when you get in touch and filter leads based on the date you last contacted. Create tasks, add notes, and send proposals. Import leads from CSV/Excel file.


Setup reminders for your team members to remind about something important. The system will automatically send an email and a real time push notification to the selected person.


Create unlimited number of customers and contacts. Import customers in bulk using csv/excel file. Easily search a customer with name, phone number, email etc. See all invoices, estimates, proposals, tasks, expenses, contacts of the customer from the profile page.

Client Portal

Allow your customer contacts to access their own portal to track project's progress, create tasks, upload attachments, comment on tasks, create ticket or add reply, see invoices, estimates and other financial data based on your settings.


Create profile of vendors you deal with on regular basis to keep track of your expenses.


Create cool proposals by including images, tables, YouTube videos. Set up proposal template utilizing available short codes for common texts like company name, email etc.  Send proposal via email or a shareable link. Get notification when the proposal is accepted and digitally signed or declined.


Create estimates in no time. Send the estimate to your customers via email or a shareable link. Your customers can accept or decline the estimate even without login. Easily convert an estimate to invoice.

Invoices / Recurring Invoices

Build professional invoices and send to your clients as pdf format or a shareable link. Create recurring invoice if you bill a customer on regular basis. Just set how frequently you want to create the invoice and the system will create it automatically. The system also automatically updates the status of an invoice if the payment is overdue.

Credit Notes

Create credit notes and apply to invoices


Record company expenses. Optionally tag a project and customer for the expense and create invoice from it if applicable.


Create multiple tax rates and use in invoices, estimates and proposals

Online & Offline Payments

Receive payments for your invoice online using Stripe. Setup the API information in settings page to allow your customers to pay using credit card. Add the name of offline payment method you deal with and use it when manually recording a payment.  

Multiple Currencies

Setup multiple currencies.

Support Ticket System

Create support tickets or allow customers to create one from their own portal. Add internal notes, upload attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link. Create your own ticket priorities, ticket statuses and departments.

Import ticket from emails

Let your customers or potential customers (not registered) reply and create new tickets via email, without accessing to the client portal. Configure IMAP settings for each department and the system will automatically convert email to new ticket or a reply to an existing ticket.

Knowledge Base

Create knowledge base articles for your customers using rich text editor and group them by custom categories.


Create teams and add your team members. Assign a team leader for each team

Role based access control

Create unlimited number of user roles and set necessary permissions for it. Assign role to a user to limit the access.

Personal Todo

Each team member has own personal todo widget on dashboard

Real-time push notifications

Get real time push notifications when the application is open on your browser; just like on Facebook. Simply set up's API information on the settings page and the system will do the rest of the work. You can always turn this feature off or on.

Media Library

Upload files in media library. Each of your team members will have separate folders for uploading files.

Email Templates

The system comes with predefined email templates for using when sending invoices, proposals, estimates, notification for new comment, ticket, reply etc to your customers. Change the parts of sentences you don't like or even change the language. There is also option for using short codes/merge fields

Also add your custom HTML and CSS to modify the header and footer part of email

Choose between SMTP and Mailgun

Configure how you want the application to send your emails; on setting page . You can either choose SMTP or Mailgun's API service.  Generally it's good idea to use a transnational email service like Mailgun to ensure that mail is not delivered in your receipt's spam folder.

Job Queues

The system uses job queues to defer the processing of a time consuming task such as sending an email. Deferring these time consuming tasks drastically speeds up web requests to your application.

Global Tags & Search

Create unlimited tags for using in invoices, estimates, projects, tasks etc. to filter or track them when needed. Use global search option on the navigation bar to search anything withing the system. To search by tag simply use a hashtag #

Invisible Google reCaptcha v3

Prevent bot's attempts to login to your application using Google's  reCaptcha v3 which does not require user interaction to prove if human. You can enable or disable this feature for both admin's and client's login page.

Activity Log

Track all activities of your team members on the application.

Multiple Languages

Choose your preferred language from 19 different options


Leads Conversions


Built using Bootstrap CSS which makes it fully responsive. Access your data from desktop, mobile or tablet

Built using Laravel 5.7

  • reporting icon Maintained Laravel's coding convention
  • reporting icon Open Source. Easily Customizable
  • reporting icon No monthly or hidden fees

Quick Features Overview

Project Management Task Management
Customer Support Lead Management
Multiple Currency Product & Service Catalog
Invoice Product & Service Catalog
Estimate Proposal
Credit Note Record Expenses
Online & Offline Payment Customer
Vendors Realtime Notification
E-Signature Role based Access Control
Panel for each Customer Timesheet
Team Management To Do List



Please go through the documentation to know more about the application.

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