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This feature is useful, if you want your customers or potential customers to create new ticket or reply to a ticket via email.

How does it work

Let’s say you a particular support department and it has an email address. When your customer or potential customer sends an email to the address of the department, the system automatically fetches the email from your mail server utilizing IMAP. The system automatically finds out whether it is a new ticket or a reply to an existing ticket.

If the system finds out that it is a new ticket, then it automatically creates a new ticket entry in the software and notify all your team members who are attached with the department.

If the system finds out that it is actually a reply to an existing ticket, then it automatically make an entry in the software as a comment to that ticket, and also notify all your team members who are engaged with the ticket including who is assigned.

How to set it up

  • First of all make sure you have setup the cron on your server.
  • On your mail server you must create a unique email account for each support department, this must be a full inbox.
  • On Microelephant CRM navigate to Settings > Support > Departments > Edit and enter your email address for this department and IMAP settings
  • Test the connection and save


If you are using Gmail as your department email, make sure in your gmail settings you have

  • Verified your domain name
  • Enabled IMAP
  • Enabled less secure apps

If you get connection refused while testing IMAP connection check that your server’s firewall isn’t blocking traffic to google.

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