What is a merge field or short code


A merge field or a short code is a field that you can put in a template to incorporate values from an existing record. For example, you can place a merge field in a proposal template so that when being displayed the system automatically includes the name of the person you are sending the proposal

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Server Requirements


You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements: PHP version 7.1.3 to below 7.2 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension BCMath PHP Extension GD Library PHP Extension IMAP PHP Extension cURL PHP Extension mod_rewrite Apache CRON

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Installation & Getting Started


1. Setup Database Login to cPanel and create a new database. Login to your hosting cPanel and navigate go MySQL Databases Create database. Create user and set up user password. Add the user to the database by selecting the database and the username. Make sure you have checked All privileges when adding the user to the

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