Financial overview of Project


You can see the Financial Overview of a project in the overview section. Navigate to Projects from the main menu and select your project and the overview tab should appear as default. The Financial Overview gives you an idea about how much time has been spent on tasks, how much expenses have incurred for the

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What is timesheet Timesheets are used to record the start and end time of tasks which are used for calculating project costing. Timesheet in Project Page To view all the timesheets of a project, go to the project’s page and click on the timesheets tab. To log a new time, click on the “New Entry” button

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Create New Project


To create new project go to Projects from the main menu and click the New Project button, fill up the form and click on save button. Project Settings Project settings are basically aimed towards your customers. Generally when you create a project, the customer can see various information of the project from their own portal. Using the

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