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To create new estimate go to Sales -> Estimates -> New Estimate

Customer – Before selecting a customer, you must have the customer added in your system After you select a Customer, the system automatically fetches the relevant information and populate the form; like billing address, shipping address. You can modify the values according to your need.

Project – Select a project if the estimate is relevant to it, otherwise leave it blank

Currency –The currency is automatically selected based on your default currency or the currency set for the selected customer.

Tags – Select tags by which you want to filter out the estimate in the future

Including Products/Service items – Before you try to include any item make sure it is added in the system. If you are not sure how to add an item, please go through this tutorial : How to add items . However if the item is not regularly used and you don’t want to add it, then you can skip the adding process.

If the item is already added in the system then

  • Click on the Search Item and start typing the name and a list of similar names should show up
  • Select the right item and the system will automatically populate the name, description, rate, unit, tax etc for you
  • Change the values to meet your requirements; like rate, description etc.


Admin Note – Write note for internal use. Your customers will not be able to see it.

Client Note – Write note for your customer. The note will be displayed at the bottom of the estimate

Terms & Condition – The system automatically populates the terms that you predefined in Settings -> Sales -> Estimate . You can modify the terms in each estimate page to meet your needs.


Finally click the save button

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