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The Customer Registration feature is useful if you want your customers to be able to register themselves online by filling up a form. That way you have two option to add customers in the system.

  1. You create new customers from your admin panel and
  2. Customers register themselves online by filling up a form, saving your valuable time

This feature is enabled by default. However if you want to disable it, go to Settings > Customers > Configuration . Check the box that says “Disable Customer Registration¬†” and hit save

When a customer submits the registration form an email will be sent to the primary contact, asking to click on a link in order to verify the email address. Once the email is verified the customer will be successfully registered as a customer in your system. If the customer does not verify the email address within 24 hrs then the email verification link will expire and data will be automatically removed by the running Cron

Accessing the Customer Registration Page

To see the customer registration form go to client login page : www.{}/client

and click on the “Register” or directly visit by url :¬† www.{}/client/register

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