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Configure how you want the application to send your emails. You can either choose SMTP or Mailgun’s API service.  Generally it’s good idea to use a transnational email service like Mailgun to ensure that mail is not delivered in your receipt’s spam folder. To configure your email please follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Settings from main menu to go to the settings page
  • Go to Email > Settings
  • Now choose “SMTP” or “Mailgun” based on your preference and fill up rest of the the form. If choose Mailgun then you have to provide the domain that you registered on mailgun and the mailgun key
  • Enter an email in the “Email from address” field. The email address will be used to let your recipients know where the email came from
  • Finally provide a signature that will be displayed at the bottom of an email and then hit the save button.



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