Opening a new ticket from admin panel

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To open a new ticket go to Support > New Ticket

  • Select a customer’s contact. The name and email address of the contact will be automatically populated and cannot be edited. If it is not a customer then check the Ticket without contact box at the top. In that case you will have to manually enter the name and email. The non customer will be able to reply to the ticket via email, only if Automatically importing tickets from email is enabled in your settings.
  • Select department
  • Select priority
  • Add ticket subject
  • Select assignee. (Default is you and also you can set it to none)
  • Add ticket message

What happens when the ticket is created?

When a new ticket is created from admin panel the customer will receive a notification email containing information regarding the ticket. The email content can be configured from Email Template area. Please go to Settings > Email > Email Templates and choose one of the following based on your requirement

  • New Ticket opened ( Sent to customer )
  • New Ticket opened ( Sent to Non customer )

The person who has been assigned to the ticket will also receive a notification email, including a push notification if it is enabled.

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