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Generally, there are some parts of a proposal that are static and hardly changes, or even if it does then not so frequently. For example, company profile, company address, phone number etc. On the other hand there are also some parts that are dynamic, like product items, total amount, proposal number, date, customer’s name, name of the contact  etc.

Microelepant offers you a feature called Proposal Template that helps you to build a format of your proposal as a template where you add the static parts and use merge fields/ short codes for dynamic parts to allow the system to render the relevant information when the proposal is being displayed. That way you don’t have to compose a proposal from scratch over and over again. When you create a new Proposal the system automatically injects the predefined template to it. You can then always modify to meet your custom requirements.

Using a rich text editor that comes with a Media Manger, you can design your proposal template however you want. You can add images, Youtube videos and many more stuffs.

To create the proposal template

  • Navigate to Settings > Sales > Proposal
  • Write content for the template and use the available merge fields/ short codes where necessary
  • Finally click the save button



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