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To add new expense navigate to  Expenses and Record Expense.

  • Name – Enter expense name . If billable the name can also be used in invoice item name.
  • Note – For internal usage, If billable, the note can also be used in the invoice item long description
  • Category – Select expense category.
  • Date – Add date when the expense is paid.
  • Amount – Expense total amount.
  • Customer – Select customer if this expense is relevant to a customer (see below for currency notes)
  • Billable – This checkbox will show if you select a customer (if applicable), Check this option if the expense is paid/should be paid by the customer.
  • Project – After you select a customer, a new dropdown will appear for you to select a project for this expense, ignore this if it is not relevant.
  • Currency – See below for currency notes.
  • Tax – add tax to this expense.
  • Payment Mode – Select payment mode that has been used to pay for this expense.
  • Reference # – Add a reference number if applicable.

More info about currency when you record an expense

  • If customer is not selected  – the base currency is used.
  • If customer is selected and it is not billable – the base currency is used.
  • If customer is selected and it is billable – customer’s currency is used.
  • If linked to project – the project currency is used (either customer currency if configured or base currency)
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