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In order to allow your customers to make payment online you will need to collect your Stripe API secret key and publishable key. Please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Stripe account
  • Click “Developers” from the top left menu item of the page
  • Click the “API Keys” sub menu item

Collect the Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key. In case you want to test payment processing then enable “Viewing test data” and get the Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key

After you have the keys:

  • Go to settings page on Microelephant CRM & Project Management system
  • Click on Finance > Online Payment Modes
  • Type a name in the Label field, by which you want to identify the payment method as. If you are not sure then simply type “Stripe
  • Enter the Stripe secret and publishable key
  • Type a description that you want to see for a successful transaction in your Stripe Panel to track your payment sources.
  • Finally make sure to check the “Yes” radio button to enable Stripe in the system. When it’s checked yes, your customers will be able to see Stripe’s default “Pay Now” button on the invoice (web view) that you provide them using a shareable link. When it’s checked “No”, the “Pay Now” button will not show up.

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